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5th Wheel

Driven from vehicle wheel or drive shaft and mounted by rubber isolated tensioner. Outputs 200 or 100 pulses per metre.

Optical encoder, stainless steel shaft with sealed bearings.

Wheel dia. 100mm

Assembly width : 110mm





5th Wheel

Suitable for walk-behind marker.
Driven from road wheel and mounted by rubber isolated tensioner. Outputs 100 pulses per metre.

Sealed sensor (IP67) with LED pulse indicator.

Rubber sealed bearings.

UV resistant urethane covered wheel for good road tyre grip.

Wheel dia. 60mm

Assembly width : 95mm





Pulse Multiplier

For a vehicle with an electronic speedo that cannot use a cable driven encoder.

Increases the speedo output from about 1 pulse per 100mm to 1 pulse every 10mm of ground travel.

DIN rail mount in a 90x60x28mm polyamide enclosure.